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Sewing Centers Ministry



Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries is also lifting up women’s in their all sorts of life and has a great vision to make women helpful for their families. Our local women’s can now increase their family income by working in GKCM’s established sewing centers. There women’s can get training and work to get sufficient money to support their families. In training, our professional teacher teaches the women students to stitch kurta, shalwar, kameez, (local dress) pillows and bed sheets etc., we have designed a 3 months course where new women students can enroll and get training to sew.


After successful completion of the course we give them one sewing machine and certificate to work in their homes or other ladies tailoring shops to earn money. We also provide the work after training to those women’s who wants to work in our sewing centers where their further learning continues and can increase their skills.


If you are willing to sponsor our sewing centers ministry where we enable the women’s to grow and assist them to support their families than please contact us for further information and details. Or send us an email at