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About us


Gospel Of Kingdom Church Ministries (GKCM) is international, non-denominational and multifaceted Christian Church ministry which is devotedly working in Pakistan and all over the world. We have burden in our hearts that everyone accept Jesus Christ as their savior and glorify God. Our mission is to reach out to non-believers with the Christ's Gospel and save them before His return. We are officially working under the license of the Punjab Government and registered Christian Church ministries network under the Societies ACT, 1860.


We are continued to do our ministry work in Jesus’ name who is our Great Savior and to all others who are lost stated by the Christ. Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries is one of the fastest growing ministry which is presently partner with 28 local, 32 house churches and 27 pastors of Punjab region. Yes, we approach the same as Bible says and believe onto reaching to the lost ones (non-believers) with a passion “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”. (Matthew 28:19)


We always have focus and goal of winning the lost ones, teaching, building and equipping them by the word of God, and then sending them forth to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord by making disciples of the nation and teaching them, (Matthew 28:19). This we do in love of God and His son Jesus Christ. Please pray for us as we seek to fulfill the Christ’ mission and teachings.


Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries is a group of committed Christians who is led by His servant, the famous Pastor Ghaffar Bhatti. They all are working together to spread the Gospel and help others lost ones. We are non-denominational ministry and our goal is to share what the Bible teaches, and not to be focused on doctrinal beliefs.


Vision Statement


Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries reach into the lost people especially who have not believed in Jesus Christ yet and never heard His teachings. Our single aim has been to reach as many people as possible with the message of God's love and use every mean available to us.


Mission Statement


Gospel of Kingdom Church Ministries has a very straight forward mission to reveal the true salvation message of God to people who has not heeded yet. We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread the Word into non-believers. We express on His unique teachings and motivate them for changing their lives with the help of Holy Spirit, Word of God, conducting spiritual crusades and healing prayer meetings. We strongly encourage them for reading the Holy Bible of 66 Books, worshiping and singing Christian songs and hymns to glorify the true Almighty God.